Employee Engagement

Our work has shown us that putting people at the heart of a change delivers the longest-lasting, widest-reaching, and most effective change programmes.

By engaging with employees to identify and implement the changes required to operate more sustainably, organisations can move more quickly and effectively to a new paradigm, identifying infrastructure changes required and defining new and better ways to operate.

We help people to define their own path to sustainable working and help to enable the changes they seek to create.

The Surefoot Effect provides tailored workshops, using values-based tools, to enable and empower teams and individuals to define and implement effective change, developing a resilience and momentum to adapt processes to meet challenges.

Here is an example of a workshop we ran recently:

 Project Management Training

Getting started – a 1 day training session with follow up

Objectives of this 1 day training session:

Follow up:

For more experienced project managers (who have completed at least 3 relatively complex projects), we recommend our coaching service to help with progression.

“It is all so much clearer now! Being able to create a detailed task plan and create mitigation strategies for what might go wrong is an important new skill for me.”

Contact us for details and prices by emailing info@surefoot-effect.com.

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