Carbon Conversations

In the workplace

Carbon Conversations’ series of workshops develops staff commitment to sustainability at a deep level. Its underlying exploration of environmental citizenship ensures that policies are implemented and gives staff an enhanced sense of empowerment. Its focus on action plans ensures that the change is concrete and applied.

Carbon Conversations can produce enthusiasm for environmental change, enhance the ability of leaders and champions to roll-out low carbon engagement and support your CSR objectives.

Carbon Conversations works with employees in SMEs, public bodies and large corporates. Our consultants will work with you to tailor the programme to engage your workforce and equip them to deliver your green agenda.

“Very well facilitated: facilitators doing what the books say: Tolerant. Listening. Non preachy. Practical. Hands on exercises. It works. I like the paired approach to facilitating.”

We suggest participants are volunteers and ideally come from departments across the organisation. We can discuss which format best suits your organisation (the original six 2 hour sessions, 4 half days, 1.5 consecutive days, followed by a half day session after 2 weeks). After the group has completed, it may be that 2-4 people could be trained to facilitate further groups in-house.

Workplace groups have been run for Anglian Water @One Alliance, Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament, Buckinghamshire County Council, the Environment Agency, and The Cooperative.

Previous participants have recommended and implemented carbon emissions reduction measures (individual behaviours, process changes, infrastructure recommendations) and have gone on to create carbon clubs, networks, and other types of working groups to implement actions.

Participants report an average reduction of 1 tonne from their personal carbon footprints and an increased capability and desire to take the “conversation” to others.

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Carbon Conversations was created by Rosemary Randall and Andy Brown.  Please see the Carbon Conversations website here and a link to a news sharing platform here.

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