Climate Action

“I have sleepless nights if I think about it…”
“I’m afraid I can’t make a difference…”
“I know it’s a problem but I need a holiday in the sun…”

The moment you start talking about climate change, feelings, fears and dilemmas come tumbling out. People know there’s a problem. But it’s hard to face and hard to know what to do. Carbon Conversations groups help people face their complicated reactions, take the steps that make a difference, and help them feel better.

Carbon Conversations is available in two versions for use in the:

We think more than 4000 people have now participated in Carbon Conversations here in the UK,  as well as Australia, Canada, France, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the US.

Carbon Conversations was created by Rosemary Randall and Andy Brown.  Please see the Carbon Conversations website here and a link to a news sharing platform here.

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