Values and Travel

Abstract from recent research by Milena Buchs: ¬† “….has shown that holiday air travel constitutes a typical value-action gap as many people continue to fly despite their concerns about climate change. However, some people do voluntarily reduce their holiday flights. Little is known so far about the role that values play in this decision. This paper examines this question based on semi-structured interviews with participants in local climate change and energy-saving projects. It finds that people who voluntarily reduce their holiday air travel are more ready than those who continue to fly to accept that their behaviour makes a contribution to climate change; that they feel a moral imperative to act regardless of its effectiveness in mitigating climate change; and that they distance themselves from socially dominant norms related to holiday air travel. This paper argues that these characteristics are connected to values of self-transcendence and self-direction, and that in this way values remain important for understanding and supporting low carbon behaviour.” See the full paper¬†here

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Pamela Candea

Managing Director
Pamela has been working to promote sustainable society actively since returning to a cherished ambition after a long career in the commercial world in 2007. She now works with community, public sector, and commercial organisations to help bring about change using values based methods. A successful and experienced leader of projects, programmes, and departments, skilled in building relationships to create groups from disparate partners to deliver solutions and effect change. After receiving a Social Innovation Award from the Melting Pot in Edinburgh, and supported by the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, set up The Surefoot Effect, CIC, to provide a hub for practitioners working with values-based change. Current work through Surefoot includes design and facilitation of workshops and action learning programmes, coaching and mentoring, and training of facilitators.

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