Sustainability. Step by step.

The Surefoot Effect equips people with lifelong skills for sustainability. Our approach is values-based and transformational.

People are at the heart of what we do. Infrastructure and technology matter, but the whole-hearted commitment of people is the essential ingredient for change.

When people have:

…they create their own paths towards positive, long-lasting change.

Whether you’re worried about energy use, concerned about resources or responding to legislation, we can help you make changes that stick.

We encourage people to explore their emotions, motivations and behaviours and to make positive changes around energy and resource use. In turn, they are able to create and share their own path forward.

Not surprisingly, this simple human ripple effect ensures each wave adds to the momentum.  Each new step forward leads to significant and long-lasting change.

We work with individuals, community groups, public bodies and corporate organisations.

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