‘It helped me sort of face the end of the world’ the role of emotions in change initiatives

Research into community initiatives, including Carbon Conversations, by Southampton University, Milena Buchs, Emma Hinton, and Graham Smith, has been published in Environmental Values under the title

‘It helped me sort of face the end of the world’  the role of emotions for third sector climate change engagement initiatives


This paper examines the role that attention to emotions around climate change can play for third sector climate change engagement initiatives, an area to which the literature on such initiatives has paid little attention. It focuses on Carbon Conversations, a programme that explicitly acknowledges the role of difficult emotions and underlying values in people’s engagement with climate change. While there are limitations to this approach, results show that it can help certain audiences engage more deeply with issues around climate change and carbon reduction. Important lessons can be drawn for other initiatives that aim to engage the public on climate change.

The report itself can be seen on our Carbon Conversations website here.

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Pamela Candea

Managing Director
Pamela has been working to promote sustainable society actively since returning to a cherished ambition after a long career in the commercial world in 2007. She now works with community, public sector, and commercial organisations to help bring about change using values based methods. A successful and experienced leader of projects, programmes, and departments, skilled in building relationships to create groups from disparate partners to deliver solutions and effect change. After receiving a Social Innovation Award from the Melting Pot in Edinburgh, and supported by the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, set up The Surefoot Effect, CIC, to provide a hub for practitioners working with values-based change. Current work through Surefoot includes design and facilitation of workshops and action learning programmes, coaching and mentoring, and training of facilitators.
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